What teachers are saying about the workshops:

After each workshop, teachers are asked to complete a short evaluation form. Here are just a few of the comments they have provided:
  • "All the teachers who participated in this gave rave reviews. They especially were impressed with your preparation and knowledge."

  • "Debbie has a great rapport with her parrots and the students."

  • "The connections to the science curriculum's Habitats unit were superb and so valuable - a real life experience for the students and teacher!"

  • "The children loved being involved and the birds were a great way to get and maintain their attention."

  • "The teaching aids (feathers, eggs, pictures and parrots) were wonderful! The children really got a sense of what the different feathers were used for by touching them and passing them around.

  • By having the parrots right there in front of the students it brought
    the whole experience "to life" and personalized it for each student.
    The pictures of the eggs, nests and baby birds (and the real eggs,
    too!) gave the students a real understanding of the whole life cycle
    of birds. Overall, the presentation was phenomenal!"

  • "It was a great presentation. The pace of information and materials was fast enough to keep them focused, and it gave them lots to think about. This is a super presentation for grade 6, because their science curriculum focuses on flight and the diversity of living things."

  • "I felt this was very well done. It was interesting and easy for the students to understand the presentation."

  • "My class had a fantastic time. It's great to be able to connect what they learn from books to the real thing!"

  • "I appreciated your calm and pleasant manner with the students and the parrots. It was a fabulous time!"

  • "You presented your parrot information in a very friendly and "kid" appropriate language. The visuals, pictures, eggs, feathers, food, etc. were great for the children to get a better understanding. The best part was that it was informative and the length was perfect!"

  • "The discussion on the environment and the different uses of feathers was most helpful. The students were surprised to learn how long the parrots live. Overall, the instructor had a quiet and confident approach to the lesson."

  • "Thank you for the handouts. They are excellent for carrying the enthusiasm from the session back to the classroom."

  • "This was absolutely great! The students loved it and you certainly have an excellent manner with the students."

  • "The best part was seeing the live birds - it helped the children learn not to be afraid. There wasn't anything that wasn't useful in this lesson."

  • "Excellent! I highly recommend it to any other teacher."

  • "I think it was a great experience for the students. The facts you told them were at their level and they could understand them easily."

  • "Debbie has a nice, gentle way with the children. They warmed to her immediately. The parrots were great, but so were the other things that she brought - pictures, eggs, feathers, food."

  • "Everything was excellent. My students were enthralled!"

  • "It was fantastic! Very informative. I would highly recommend this presentation for any class!"


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